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Let's Connect!

Strategic Execution

We have crafted a Strategic Execution Service
to serve churches through their season of change. 

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This service is a seasonal engagement where we partner you with one of our seasoned executives to guide you on the path designed in your personalized Strategic Roadmap. In this process, we will not just assess or identify areas of change, but actually partner and enter into the change with you. 

We are a team of experts from some of the largest and fastest growing churches in the country that specialize in different areas of ministry, including digital engagement, organizational leadership, finance, strategic planning, and more. While there are many companies identifying a need for change, our team’s heart is to partner with you and actually enter into a season of change with you. We provide you and your team the lift and the expertise you need to get to the next level of engagement and growth.

What you can expect:

Empathetic listening from highly seasoned pros
Organizational alignment towards your strategic objectives
Dashboards and KPI’s to help you and your team measure success

A team structured and equipped to take on your biggest growth opportunities

Budget alignment towards your goals 
Seasoned church executives who have a stake in your success
No expensive placement fees 

The heartbeat of XP Solutions is to provide you with a team of seasoned experts to partner with and guide you through your church’s growth opportunity. You don’t have to tackle the evolution of change alone. Our team would love the opportunity to connect with you!

Let's Connect
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