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Strategic Roadmap

Our Strategic Roadmap is is a four to six-week personalized experience uniquely designed to create clarity for your organization. 

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We ideate together to realize goals, then map out the right path to get you from here to there. Your guide will help you create a clear picture of where you are, and work together to establish a clear vision of where you are going. The end result will be a clearly mapped strategy to move you from where you are to where you are called to be. 

What you can expect:



The heart of our Strategic Roadmap is the on-site meeting. Our team of experts will spend time with you and your leadership team at your church to facilitate a collaborative session designed around creating a clear strategy. The outcome of the on-site event is a detailed strategy document that clarifies your new plan and outlines step by step tactics to achieve your goals.



We want to get to know what makes you unique. Our team of seasoned experts will dig into the unique aspects of your church, review specific data and information, ask relevant questions about your objectives, all to best understand and partner with you. Leading up to the on-site event, our team will have virtual meetings with your Leadership team to understand where you are currently in the context of the goals and God inspired dreams.


Strategy Document:

After spending a month or more with you and your team, we will provide a document that clearly outlines where you are, where you feel called to go, and all of the steps you need to take to ensure a successful journey.

Guided by a point leader, our team will mobilize to walk with you through this experience.

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