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Let's Connect!

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Most churches have far more executive needs than the resources to staff those needs. With our team of seasoned executives who have all been a part of healthy, impactful organizations, you have the opportunity to hire someone for their leadership without hiring a full-time role.

There are types of churches who can utilize the XP Solutions Services:

  • Leaders who need a top-level XP and cannot find or afford someone to take on the full time position 
  • A church with a team of executives who want to take their church to the next level, or simply need assistance managing, leading or implementing during a busy season

Once we understand where you are and where you want to go, we can pair you with an executive to help you get there, without having to go through the time and expense of bringing on a less experienced executive full time. The result: healthy, sustainable systems and organizational culture to create growth. 

At XP Solutions, we have a team of experienced leaders who specialize in different areas from multisite, organizational systems, finance, building teams, and organic engagement strategies. During our Free Assessment process, we listen to you and pair you with a Virtual XP to help you get to the next level. Additionally, we will provide you one hour every month with a different executive on our team who may specialize in an area where you have a felt need. 

You can hire XP Solutions for the season you need the help, and then find a permanent replacement! You don’t have the long term commitment that you would have with hiring someone full time and you don’t have to go through expensive staffing agencies.

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We believe in investing in relationships before we ask for a commitment. We’d love to get to know more about you, so please click on the link below to complete our Free Assessment! 

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